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Lyd on 120111
! warms my heart

Tristan on 180214
Love the geometry of this picture. and i even more i like the story of this fantastic shot.

Elke on 040414

L'angevine on 110414
bon cadrage

Basile Pesso on 040414
Brilliant picture with superb exposure and B and W. Maybe a spotlight.

Ellebelle on 040414
Stunning reflections!!! The people seem so tiny under this impressive sky ................

Le Krop on 040414
Une belle photo impeccable.

alex centrella on 230314
well shot . . !

Basile Pesso on 080314
Very good.

Alfredo J. Martiz J. on 270214
Very nice!

Alfredo J. Martiz J. on waiting for the snow to fall #5
Beautiful street photo, I liked the composition!

L'angevine on 270214
intéressante avancée vers cette lumière

Le Krop on 270214
Une composition bien structurée.

Basile Pesso on 270214
Wonderful !

Basile Pesso on 180214
Brilliant !

Wayra on 180214
Nice composition, and I like the b/w choice.

Le Krop on 160214
Presque abstrait. J'aime.

L'angevine on 110214
intéressante plongée sur cette perspective

Le Krop on 110214

L'angevine on waiting for the snow to fall #5
intéressante perspective

Le Krop on waiting for the snow to fall #5
Oh, I love the words in your about.

Le Krop on waiting for the snow to fall #5
J'aime bien, ça envole l'imaginaire, le mien en tout cas.

Basile Pesso on 050214
Superb composition mixing graphics and character...

L'angevine on waiting for the snow to fall
intéressante perspective

L'angevine on 290114
oh adorable regard

omid on 290114
very nice! very nice! L O V E L Y !

Basile Pesso on 290114
I love that.

alex centrella on 270114
very nice simple image . ..

Damon Schreiber on 220114
A lonely walk... Happy Birthday, Beate! I'm still alive, and who building up the nerve to post again. Glad to see ...

Basile Pesso on Museum of East Asian Art Cologne
I love that...

Basile Pesso on Rain
Superb evanescent mood indeed.

Basile Pesso on Light leaks
Superb poetry. I think all your pictures would benefit of a wider posting's size :-)

Basile Pesso on 240612
Wonderful composition....I love the effect created by the...wide angle ? on the foreground and the way of walking of ...

CLODO on 200114
waiting for the customers

Ana Lúcia on 180114
Beautiful night shot.

Batisse on 180114

Kate on 240612
I love the use of colour here great composition.

CF09 on 240612
There would be a judgement day... :]

David Legg on 240612
Fantastic use of color.

gandz on 240212
I myself love tulips.. and this is a kind of shot I enjoy greatly!

gandz on 240612
love the contrast between the red and the gray here! really nice shot=)

Brat | RCA on 240612
cool and attractive!

Mehdi Monadi on 240612
very nice.bravo

AnKaRo on Light leaks
Ein nettes gemütliches Bild.

k@ on 160512
Such a great light and tasty image, i can feel it whole.

omid on 160512
very nice!

gerard1948 on 160512
Great shot, I like. A beautiful B & W

Aubélia on 160512
Beautiful light.

GJC on Umbrellas In The Rain
Like a parade. I like the rhythm.

Eric C. on Rain
Great one !! Great mood !!

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